Getting Perl on Embedded Linux PowerPC

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Fri Sep 16 09:42:39 EST 2005

In message <20050915191243.GA52539 at> you wrote:
> I was attempting to get some ATM Tools compiled into the embedded PowerPC,
> and found I needed Perl installed on the target before I continue.

You probably want to avoid his in an embedded system...

> Has anyone had any luck getting any version of Perl 5 or higher installed
> onto the file system. I am still running this over the NFS dev environment,
> and plan to remove it before final production, so space is of no concern at
> the moment.  

Sure. This is trivial. Perl configures and builds just fine, assuming
you have enough time, memory and swap space.

> Or perhaps a pre-compiled RPM that installs, that is built for PowerPC.

No RPM, sorry.

> I am using DENX Linux 2.4.25 at the moment, with pretty much the default
> root file system that is provided.

Just follow the standard instructions for  configuring  and  building
Perl  (in  native  mode, of course). I did this several times before,
without any problems. You have to be patient,  though,  It's  a  huge
amount of code, and definitely takes a lot of time to compile.

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