Problems with PCI on 8280

Rune Torgersen runet at
Fri Jan 18 10:05:11 EST 2008

>From: Scott Wood 
>Are you using cuImage, or a regular uImage with a device-tree-aware u-boot

cuImage for now.

>If the former, try commenting out the call to fixup_pci() in 
>arch/powerpc/boot/cuboot-pq2.c and let me know if that changes anything.

Did that, That made our PCI bus fail completely

Looking in fixup_pci, I see it sets up one outbound window to the size of prefechable and non-prefetcabe memory
and anoter one to the size of the IO.

We have our PCI set up to ONE 512MB outbound range doing all three. 
(I can see where you'd save on mem usage by doing two)

I do see a bug tho.
In our case prefetch is 256MB, memio is 128MB.
the calculation for outbound wiondow 1 sets the size to ~(pref+mmio-1). That only works if the resulting size is a power of 2.

If we comment out the rewrite of the outbound windows, we get PCI to work.
But since our u-boot sets everything up correctly (Including prefecable memory) we should not need this? or is it rewriting the device tree in some way?

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