STK5200 pci_enable_device problem

Oliver Rutsch orutsch at
Mon Aug 27 16:25:03 EST 2007



 >> It's not so easy to compile the PLX drivers on the 4.1 ELDK because of
 >> missing headers in the ppc architecture. I managed to build the drivers
 >> for the 2.6.19 kernel and I was able to work with the card except the
 >> DMA routines (still working on this issue).
 > WHy don't you use the arch/powerpc configuration, then? Note that the
 > STK5200 has never been supported in a  2.6  kernel  with  a  arch/ppc
 > configuration.

Because I found at least a lite5200 configuration in the 4.1 ELDK 
( kernel) in the ARCH/ppc architecure. With ARCH/powerpc I only 
had a few configurations for other modules and I wasn't able to build a 
running kernel for the TQM5200 (maybe my fault).
Is there support for the TQM5200 and the STK5200 with ARCH/powerpc in 
newer kernels? I'm still using the 3.1.1 ELDK for the TQM5200 as it have 
everything I need and I don't need to use the PLX card in this board 
(although it would have been nice if I got it working...).


Dipl. Ing. Oliver Rutsch

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