mpc8xx and LCD

Fend, Matthias mfend at
Thu Sep 29 16:53:26 EST 2005


We want to use mpc860/855 with a 320x240 graphic lcd module.
Now there are many possibilities to interface such a module, but I guess this is
not the first time
someone will need a LCD display. So I'm trying to find out the most common way
to implement the 
desired functionality. 

At the moment I think we should use a lcd controller from Epson (S1D13700 or
S1D13305) since they are 
working on Linux framebuffer device driver for it. But I'm not sure how to
design the hardware interface ... all
the LCD modules I found provide only a reduced number of port pins so that the
controller only can be used
in indirect-mode, so I'm not sure whether to connect the module directly to the
CPUs bus or use some
GPIO pins for this...

Has anybody else implemented a LCD into a mpc8xx (not 823) board successfully ?
Are there some good resources somewhere in the web about this topic ?

thanks for your recommendations,

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