A question about the linux root file system (ext2)

FCG WANG Baohua Baohua.WANG at alcatel-sbell.com.cn
Tue Sep 27 11:28:57 EST 2005

Dear  Denk:
   I have a question when making a ext2 root file system for PPC82xx:
   1. How to execute the "/sbin/init" instead of "/bin/busybox" ?
        I tried it but it always said:
        "cannot find init ,pls use the init = ...."
        I want to use the ELDK 8xx file system instead of SELF little file system. After I convert it using genext2fs,
        it nerver find the "init " application, Why?

   2. How to fully use the size of the CF card ? That is, not limit the ext2 root file system file size,
       it can detect the size of CF card, and extend the free space to it. 
   3. The genext2fs can only generate a vaild ext2 fs limit to 40Mb, if exceed it :
        the following message will be printed:
        "cannot find init ,pls use the init = ...."
       How to avoid it ?
  4. When I copy the gcc, g++, as files of  "8xx file system in ELDK " from ftp, it cannot be executed,why?
        gcc: cannot execute "
     thanks a lot!

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