[PATCH 0/4] 440SPe support

Roland Dreier rolandd at cisco.com
Fri Sep 23 13:03:34 EST 2005

Here is a series of patches that add basic support for AMCC's PowerPC
440SPe SoC.  With these patches, the kernel will boot and run on the
"Yucca" 440SPe eval board, with ethernet and serial working.

I don't have PCI-X or PCI Express in a mergeable state, but I thought
it would be worth posting these now for review.  Also, it would
probably be good to figure out how we want to merge this upstream once
2.6.14 comes out -- 440SPe requires some minor changes to ethernet PHY
handling, which will have to be coordinated with the ibm_emac rewrite,
and there are also some minor conflicts with the 440GR patches I saw.

Right now I'm working on PCI Express support, and I'll post those
patches once I have something reasonable.

I also have a git tree at


that contains all of these patches, in case that makes it easier to
merge this stuff.


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