How to use kerberos in ELDK

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Fri Sep 16 13:11:36 EST 2005

1. For ppc-2005-03-07-src, 
   [root]# rpm -iv krb5-1.2.7-14_3.src.rpm
    Warning: user builder does not exist - using root
    Warning: group builder does not exist - using root

2. For ppc-2005-03-07
   [root]# rpm -iv krb5-libs-ppc_6xx-1.2.7-14_3.ppc.rpm
    Error: Failed dependencies:
		grep-ppc_6xx is needed by krb5-libs-ppc_6xx-1.2.7-14_3
		sh-utils-ppc_6xx is needed by krb5-libs-ppc_6xx-1.2.7-14_3
   [root]# rpm -iv grep-ppc_6xx-2.5.1-4_1.ppc.rpm
    Preparing packages for installation...
		Package grep-ppc_6xx-2.5.1-4_1 is intended for a ppc
		File /bin/egrep freom install of grep-ppc_6xx-2.5.1-4_1
conflicts with file from package grep-2.5.1-26

   Ps: My build machine is x86, therefore, my target ppc board has not
enough space to do this, how can I get krb5 library from ELDK on x86?

Johnson Cheng

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In message <20050915062857.B598968263 at> you wrote:
> I have loadload ELDK-3.1.1 (ppc-2005-03-07 & ppc-2005-03-07-src), but
> whatever I try it, it doesn't work. 

Can you please provide a specific example command you tried (and make
sure that it's working in a standard Linux environment), and post  it
with a complete list of all output and error messages it produces?

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