PPC4xx cleanup

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Fri Sep 16 02:03:14 EST 2005


I am right now testing and cleaning up some of the AMCC 4xx eval board ports 
to better support U-Boot as firmware. One question before I begin to send a 
few patches:

All of the 44x boards I looked at (e.g. Ocotea) have to be extended in the 
platform file (e.g. platforms/4xx/ocotea.c) to not only copy the bd_info 
struct from r3, but also check r4 and r6 for initrd and kernel command line 
passing from the bootloader. Instead of adding this code to all different 
platform files, I would like to move this code to the common function 
"ibm44x_platform_init" (syslib/ibm44x_common.c) like it is done in the 40x 
ports "ppc4xx_init" (syslib/ppc4xx_setup.c). 

Any objections/remarks?

Best regards,

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