gdb hangs on Linux 2.6.11 on 8xx

Chris chris at
Wed Sep 14 00:15:25 EST 2005

Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho wrote:
>>I am running Linux 2.6.11 on a TQM823L development board. I find that 
>>gdb (version 6.3) hangs when I try to run an application - any 
>>application, even a simple helloworld. It's not just gdb hanging, the 
>>whole system is stone dead.
> "me too"
> actually the system is not completely dead, you still can use sysrq keys.
> Tried to use gdbserver too, but it also doesn't work (hangs after the first
> breakpoint and timeouts).
> gdb           S 30106778     0   691    687   692               (NOTLB)
> Call trace:
>  [c0005330] __switch_to+0x44/0x78
>  [c015beb0] schedule+0x30c/0x730
>  [c015c888] schedule_timeout+0xdc/0xe0
>  [c0068918] sys_poll+0x27c/0x404
>  [c0002810] syscall_dotrace_cont+0x24/0x38
> flash_test    t 100009E4     0   692    691                     (NOTLB)
> Call trace:
>  [c0005330] __switch_to+0x44/0x78
>  [c015beb0] schedule+0x30c/0x730
>  [c0026248] ptrace_stop+0x68/0x88
>  [c0026604] get_signal_to_deliver+0x130/0x2b4
>  [c00063dc] do_signal+0x38/0x464
>  [c0003034] do_user_signal+0x74/0xc4

Good to know that it's not just me... As you point out it's not
completely dead. A register dump shows the following:

SysRq : Show Regs
NIP: C00047BC LR: C000A0C0 SP: C09FBDD0 REGS: c09fbd20 TRAP: 0501    Not
MSR: 00009022 EE: 1 PR: 0 FP: 0 ME: 1 IR/DR: 10
TASK = c031f3e0[187] 'gdb' THREAD: c09fa000
Last syscall: 26
GPR00: 00009022 C09FBDD0 C031F3E0 00589000 00000100 C01F3000 00588000
GPR08: 38600000 C01D0000 00009032 0000B100 33003035
NIP [c00047bc] __flush_dcache_icache_phys+0x38/0x54
LR [c000a0c0] flush_dcache_icache_page+0x20/0x30
Call trace:
  [c000a17c] update_mmu_cache+0x68/0x98
  [c003dbe8] do_wp_page+0x184/0x3a4
  [c003ebc8] handle_mm_fault+0x29c/0x42c
  [c003ee7c] get_user_pages+0x124/0x428
  [c001a030] access_process_vm+0xfc/0x1bc
  [c0006680] sys_ptrace+0x22c/0x4b4
  [c0002590] ret_from_syscall+0x0/0x44

Which looks like the call to ptrace caused a page fault, after which it
to stopped in __flush_dcache_icache_phys for some reason. Maybe some
serious digging is needed after all.


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