gdb hangs on Linux 2.6.11 on 8xx

Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho aris at
Tue Sep 13 22:25:41 EST 2005

> I am running Linux 2.6.11 on a TQM823L development board. I find that 
> gdb (version 6.3) hangs when I try to run an application - any 
> application, even a simple helloworld. It's not just gdb hanging, the 
> whole system is stone dead.
"me too"
actually the system is not completely dead, you still can use sysrq keys.
Tried to use gdbserver too, but it also doesn't work (hangs after the first
breakpoint and timeouts).

gdb           S 30106778     0   691    687   692               (NOTLB)
Call trace:
 [c0005330] __switch_to+0x44/0x78
 [c015beb0] schedule+0x30c/0x730
 [c015c888] schedule_timeout+0xdc/0xe0
 [c0068918] sys_poll+0x27c/0x404
 [c0002810] syscall_dotrace_cont+0x24/0x38
flash_test    t 100009E4     0   692    691                     (NOTLB)
Call trace:
 [c0005330] __switch_to+0x44/0x78
 [c015beb0] schedule+0x30c/0x730
 [c0026248] ptrace_stop+0x68/0x88
 [c0026604] get_signal_to_deliver+0x130/0x2b4
 [c00063dc] do_signal+0x38/0x464
 [c0003034] do_user_signal+0x74/0xc4


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