New message about: "Lost interrupt" with promise20268 PCI-IDE chard onmpc8540_ads

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Tue Sep 13 20:36:06 EST 2005

Hello, KylongMu, Rune!

(Please reply to the thread.)

> 	First I according  Clemens Koller' suggestion : remove DMA part ,
> but the result is no change.

Okay, sorry if my 'workaround' (let's call it 'cheat') didn't do it for you...

> According Clemens Koller's message , I guess mabe the problem is on the
> hardware configuration.
> So I checked my schematics and
> "arch/ppc/platforms/85xx/mpc85xx_ads_common.c" at line 170 .
> The attached file is changed .
> 	After these , "Lost interrupt" appears on PCI1-Slot1 , but my
> PCI1-Slot2 shows no "Lost interrupt"
> the .config file is still without change .
> 	Another new problem is I can't mount it on , I attached the steps
> message of new operation.
> Please help me check it .

To be honest, I didn't tell you that there are still issues with my
mpc85xx_map_irq() and friends(). I didn't fix the table for my board
yet as the official CR854 demo board has only on PCI slot and I just
didn't care about proper IDSEL->IRQ mapping.
The hardware add-on we design should be compatible to the ADS board (or to
be precise to the default mpc8540_ads behaviour in the kernel) as much
as possible, so there should be no need for a separate platform port.

> Rune Torgersen wrote :
>>I have run a Silicon Image SiI0680 based card on a MPC8560ADS board without
> problems

Yes, but AFAIK it's only 32bit/33MHz PCI and therefore not speedy enough for
the things we want to achieve (100..200Mbyte+/sec).
So, this problem with the PDC has to be fixed... but it will take some time.

Best greets,

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