New message about: "Lost interrupt" with promise20268 PCI-IDE chard onmpc8540_ads

KylongMu mqy at
Tue Sep 13 14:52:36 EST 2005

Hi , all
	First I according  Clemens Koller' suggestion : remove DMA part ,
but the result is no change.
According Clemens Koller's message , I guess mabe the problem is on the
hardware configuration.
So I checked my schematics and
"arch/ppc/platforms/85xx/mpc85xx_ads_common.c" at line 170 .
The attached file is changed .
	After these , "Lost interrupt" appears on PCI1-Slot1 , but my
PCI1-Slot2 shows no "Lost interrupt"
the .config file is still without change .
	Another new problem is I can't mount it on , I attached the steps
message of new operation.
Please help me check it .

Thanks a lot !

Rune Torgersen wrote :

>I have run a Silicon Image SiI0680 based card on a MPC8560ADS board without

Clemens Koller wrote:

>Try to turn off DMA. It doesn't work yet AFAIK.
>I am using a PDC20269 on PCI on a MPC8540, too. See my .config file...
>I didn't focus on this problem yet. Let me know if you get it going.

>My board PM854 is similar to the MPC8540_ADS
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