Marvell MV64360 interrupt question

Walter L. Wimer III walt.wimer at
Sat Sep 10 03:31:32 EST 2005

Hi All,

I'm looking at arch/ppc/syslib/mv64360_pic.c in the 2.6.13 kernel and I
see the following code:

    mv64360_get_irq(struct pt_regs *regs)
        if (irq == -1) {
            irq = mv64x60_read(&bh, MV64360_IC_MAIN_CAUSE_HI);
            irq = __ilog2((irq & 0x1f0003f7) & ppc_cached_irq_mask[1]);

            if (irq == -1)
                irq = -2; /* bogus interrupt, should never happen */
            else {
                if ((irq >= 24) && (irq < MV64x60_IRQ_DOORBELL)) {
                    irq_gpp = mv64x60_read(&bh, MV64x60_GPP_INTR_CAUSE);
                    irq_gpp = __ilog2(irq_gpp & ppc_cached_irq_mask[2]);

                    if (irq_gpp == -1)
                        irq = -2;
                    else {
                        irq = irq_gpp + 64;
                                      (1 << (irq - 64)));
		    irq += 32;

        (void)mv64x60_read(&bh, MV64x60_GPP_INTR_CAUSE);

Does anybody know what the last mv64x60_read() is intended to do?  It
*looks* like it's clearing/acknowledging the interrupt, but I don't see
anything in the Marvell documentation that suggests that *reading* the
interrupt cause register has such an effect.  From my reading, the
documentation says that you should write a '0' into the appropriate bit
position to clear the interrupt.

Hmmm...  There's an mv64x60_write() a little earlier in the code...  Is
the "extra" mv64x60_read() here to enforce ordering?  If so, should it
be moved inside the "if" statement so that it's only executed when
actually necessary?

And what about locking?  The mv64x60_xxxx() functions are protected by a
spinlock, but if we're trying to enforce ordering, shouldn't we hold the
lock during the entire write+read operation, rather than dropping and
reacquiring the lock in between?

At the moment, I'm not running into any actual problems here; this just
caught my eye and I started wondering about it.

BTW, the reason I'm looking at this code is that the board I'm working
on has a cascaded interrupt controller (implemented in an FPGA) feeding
into the MV64360 interrupt controller.  I'm thinking about adding a
cascade mechanism to mv64360_pic.c similar to the one in the OpenPIC
code (i.e. like the openpic_hookup_cascade() function).  Any opinions on
whether this is a good idea or a bad one?



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