Can the mpc8270 provide the direct IDE interface?

FCG WANG Baohua Baohua.WANG at
Fri Sep 9 16:19:25 EST 2005

Dear All:
 I have a question when I port the PCMCIA  driver to MPC8270 board:
 Can the  mpc8270 provide the direct IDE interface without using the PCMCIA  controller? If it can, what's the different with the 
 drivers\ide\ppc\mpc8xx.c ? Can you provide some resource about the "direct IDE interface " on MPC82xx ? 
 My PCMCIA  CF card has a specially CPLD to read/write the status of the CF card. What's the codes need to be modified if using 
 the Card Services package? What's the performance between the direct IDE mode and card service?
 thanks a lot!

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