[PATCH] ppc32: fix ocp_device_suspend to use pm_message_t instead of u32

Eugene Surovegin ebs at ebshome.net
Tue Sep 6 02:37:46 EST 2005

Recent "u32 -> pm_message_t" change triggered hidden bug in 
ocp_device_suspend. Fix it to correctly use pm_message_t instead of 

Signed-off-by: Eugene Surovegin <ebs at ebshome.net>

diff --git a/arch/ppc/syslib/ocp.c b/arch/ppc/syslib/ocp.c
--- a/arch/ppc/syslib/ocp.c
+++ b/arch/ppc/syslib/ocp.c
@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ ocp_device_remove(struct device *dev)
 static int
-ocp_device_suspend(struct device *dev, u32 state)
+ocp_device_suspend(struct device *dev, pm_message_t state)
 	struct ocp_device *ocp_dev = to_ocp_dev(dev);
 	struct ocp_driver *ocp_drv = to_ocp_drv(dev->driver);

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