Promise Ultra 100 TX2 20268 chip receive "lost interrupt" error under 2.6.13 (ppc8540ads platform)

KylongMu mqy at
Mon Sep 5 01:50:49 EST 2005

Hi, team:
Kernel version: 2.6.13 (stable version)
Platform type : ppc8540ads platform
Problem hardware type: Promise20268 PCI-ATA card
configured ATA support with these  part : Device driver, File
system,Partition table.
Problem description:
     When I boot my board, the kernel can recognize my Promise20268 card,
and my
SegateHD correctly. but prompt with "lost interrupt" message.
    After boot procedure, the /proc/partitions file shows correct partitions
info, but when
I mount my HD , I get "lost interrupt" message again, and the mount failed.
    Pls help me to solved this problem, or a suggestion to change with
another PCI-ATA chip which
had been tested.
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