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Fri Aug 6 03:48:52 EST 2004

Dear Marco,

in message <200408051728.52442.Schramel.Linux at> you wrote:
> i started ethereal and saw that the NFS read calls from target to host, are answered with two IP "fragmented IP protocols" by the host,
> followed by a NFS read reply [Unreassembled Packet] by the host, too. And that goes on and on until the connection is dead.
> I am not sure whether the fragmentation of ip in two packets is correct? There is no additional traffic it is "only" mounting and using rootfs over NFS.

The fragmentation is OK, but this is not what you're looking for.

You should see a couple of LOOKUP calls, probably in the sequence  of
/dev, console, sbin, init, lib,, and so on. Find out what the
last succesful lookup call was, and what happens after this.

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