[RFC/PATCH 1/2] [POWERPC] mpc5200: normalize compatible property bindings

John Rigby jrigby at freescale.com
Sat Jan 19 07:33:07 EST 2008

Looks fine to me.

Grant Likely wrote:
> From: Grant Likely <grant.likely at secretlab.ca>
> Update MPC5200 drivers to also look for compatible properties in the
> form "fsl,mpc5200-*" to better conform to open firmware generic names
> recommended practice as published here:
> http://www.openfirmware.org/1275/practice/gnames/gnamv14a.html
> This patch should *not* break compatibility with older device trees
> which do not use the 'fsl,' prefix.  The drivers will still bind against
> the older names also.
> Signed-off-by: Grant Likely <grant.likely at secretlab.ca>
> ---

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