[PATCH] MTD for Taco

Sean MacLennan smaclennan at pikatech.com
Tue Jan 15 17:30:33 EST 2008

Stefan Roese wrote:
> Right. One thing I noticed though is, that you map the NAND to 0xd0000000, 
> which is reserved for PCI in the 440EP address space. I suggest you map it to 
> 0x90000000 as done on Bamboo. Please give it a try and let me know if this 
> changes the 32bit access behavior.
I think I changed it right. The following code is obviously a hack:

static int warp_setup_nand_flash(void)
	unsigned data;

	mfebc(0x1, data);
	printk("EBC0_B1CR %x\n", data); // SAM DBG

	data = 0x9001c000;
	mtebc(0x1, data);

	mfebc(0x1, data);
	printk("after EBC0_B1CR %x\n", data); // SAM DBG

	mfebc(0x11, data);
	printk("EBC0_B1AP %x\n", data); // SAM DBG


	return 0;

Then change the NAND base offset to 90000000. This change made no 
difference. It still works with 8-bit access and fails with 32-bit. The 
mtebc and mfebc macros where taken from u-boot.


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