[PATCH] MTD for Taco

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Tue Jan 15 16:15:19 EST 2008

On Monday 14 January 2008, Sean MacLennan wrote:
> Stefan Roese wrote:
> > And the EBC0_BxCR & EBC0BxAP registers for the CS where the NAND is
> > connected? How are they configured?
> EBC0_B1CR d001c000
> EBC0_B1AP 18003c0
> Which matches the defines in include/configs/warp.h:
>     #define CFG_EBC_PB1AP        0x018003c0
>     #define CFG_EBC_PB1CR        (CFG_NAND_ADDR | 0x1c000)
> It also matches the defines in sequoia.h except that we are on CS1 and
> the sequoia is on CS3.

Right. One thing I noticed though is, that you map the NAND to 0xd0000000, 
which is reserved for PCI in the 440EP address space. I suggest you map it to 
0x90000000 as done on Bamboo. Please give it a try and let me know if this 
changes the 32bit access behavior.

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