How to write a device driver in such a fashion .????

Jenkins, Clive Clive.Jenkins at
Mon Jan 7 21:55:26 EST 2008

> On Initiation by the application of which key is pressed
> driver should perform the task accordingly. There are 7
> keys so seven different task the driver will perform. 

This is not clear to me.

> 1 . I do not want to use any entry point such as
> read/write/ioctl. In such a case how to access the driver.
> 2. We dont want to implement this as a chracrter driver.
> 3. The driver shall look pretty much like an application
> where in asscssing the H/W memory map .
> Hence no entry point and no registeration but an
> application could be able to communicate ....

I think you want the application to directly access
memory-mapped hardware. For this you will need to open
/dev/mem and use the mmap() system call to get a virtual
address of your h/w.


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