Netbooting yaboot doesn't show menu

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Wed May 19 02:54:53 EST 2010


Your distro must have compiled it without the netbooting option. Try
downloading yaboot from the source and compiling it.


On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 12:59 PM, mardok45 <mardok45 at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm booting some Mac G4's into yaboot by Netbooting.  Downloading and
> running linux kernels / initrd's works perfectly fine, but yaboot doesn't
> display a menu.
> What's happening is when the yaboot executable is transferred via Netboot,
> instead of displaying the boot menu like it usually does, I just get the
> Apple Netboot icon in a frozen state.  If I hit enter, it starts downloading
> the kernel / initrd like it normally would and everything is fine from
> there.
> The above problem applies when I hold down the N key when the Mac boots
> up.  If I boot into yaboot on the local hard drive and then Netboot, the
> menu shows like it normally would.
> Here's the yaboot.conf on the TFTP server:
> device=enet:
> partition=0
> default=linux
> image=vmlinuz
>         label=linux
>         read-only
>         initrd=ramdisk.image.gz
>         append="root=/dev/ram0"
> The TFTP server has yaboot, yaboot.conf, vmlinuz and ramdisk.image.gz
> stored on it.
> Is there a way to get yaboot to display the menu like it normally does when
> Netbooting?
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