netboot yaboot with yaboot.conf inside an initrd.

Greg Rodgers rodgersg at
Fri Feb 5 23:23:03 EST 2010

Thanks Tony, 

Sorry, I forgot to motivate why I am doing this. 

I need the ability to easily edit the cmdline which
yaboot gives me. If I was using SLES, their mkzimage
has a supporting mkzimage_cmdline that would allow 
me to do exactly what you said without yaboot. 
But the RHEL version of mkzimage has no such feature.
Hence if I used yaboot to load the zimage I could
specify a cmdline in yaboot.conf that will change 
frequently in my situation.  In other words, I can
change the cmdline in yaboot.conf without 
rebuilding the kernel. 

Anton and I talked about my flawed strategy. I now 
understand that yaboot does not have an uncompressor 
and the ability to read inside an initrd for 
yaboot.conf, zimage and another initrd. I would have 
to tell yaboot to somehow tftp this stuff from the 
boot server.  That seems like too much hassle just 
to be able to edit the cmdline. 

Anton said I could build a vmlinux editor much 
like the suse mkzimage_cmdline.  Unfortunately,
this is "enterprise" linux so I only have a vmlinuz. 
So I will need to build the kernel from source 
which is not completely unacceptable.
But since I would have to build from source,
I could avoid a vmlinux editor and just use


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