[Skiboot] [PATCH 00/22] Enable LED OPAL interface

Vasant Hegde hegdevasant at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Feb 5 19:37:59 AEDT 2015

This patch series enables OPAL interface for LED subsystem
which can then be used by the host to acces various types of LEDs on
the system at any given location code and modify their state. The host
enablement then can be exploited by user space tools (such as existing
light path diagnostics) to report and manage various LED activity on
the system.

patch 1 - 12 does various cleanup, bug fixes in existing code.
patch 13, 14 adds device tree interface for LED code.
Rest of the patch makes necessary changes to enable OPAL interface
which includes adding queue mechanism etc.

Ben, Stewart,
  I have clubbed Anshuman's prototype patchset in this series. I have
  made lot of other changes as well. Hence sending this as fresh series.

    - Handle System Attention Indicator.
    - Add static queue to handle LED update request.
      Current patchset allocates/frees queue structure as and when it gets
      LED update request. However in reality we will not have so many
      parallel update request. Hence I think its better to have static queue
      (with say 128 entry).


Anshuman Khandual (4):
      FSP/LEDS: Modify handling of SPCN based LED commands
      FSP/LEDS: Serialize the entire LED state change code and it's callback
      FSP/LEDS: Roll back LED state update in case FSP command queuing fails
      FSP/LEDS: Add OPAL interfaces for accessing or modifying the LED states

Vasant Hegde (18):
      FSP/LEDS: Fix coding style issue
      FSP/LEDS: Remove duplicate fsp_msg allocation
      FSP/LEDS: Fix memory leak in error handling path
      FSP/LEDS: Remove unnecessary header files
      FSP/LEDS: Remove unnecessary forward declaration
      FSP/LEDS: Check for FSP presence
      FSP/LEDS: Use consistent prefix
      FSP/LEDS: Do not expose driver specific functions
      FSP/LEDS: Remove redundant variable declaration
      FSP/LEDS: Validate fsp msg allocation
      FSP/LEDS: Check FSP response status
      FSP/LEDS: Remove redundant log message
      FSP/LEDS: Track LED list read status
      FSP/LEDS: Add device tree nodes
      FSP/LEDS: Implement a set LED SPCN command queue
      FSP/LEDS: Move checkpoint status variable to led_set_cmd structure
      FSP/LEDS: Handle failure cases in set LED MBOX command
      FSP/LEDS: Roll back exclusive bit in case FSP command queuing fails

 core/init.c       |    6 
 hw/fsp/fsp-leds.c | 1064 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 hw/fsp/fsp-leds.h |   20 +
 include/fsp.h     |    9 
 include/opal.h    |   16 -
 5 files changed, 774 insertions(+), 341 deletions(-)


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