adding glibc to the tracked list ?

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Sun Jun 2 17:34:27 EST 2013

On Saturday 01 June 2013 02:31:27 Jeremy Kerr wrote:
> > would it be possible to have track glibc ?
> Yep, no problem at all. I can merge the two lists into the one project,
> but I figure you'd need to distinguish the patches somehow, right?

lemme see how the rest of the group wants to handle things.  i think they 
should be merged, but i think there should be only one list too, and i didn't 
win in that decision :).

> >  we'd like to try things out and see how well it works.
> I've found that the main contributor to whether or not it works for your
> project is having the patch states kept up to date. It's fairly
> important to have someone "look after" the patchwork list -- whether
> that's your maintainer(s), or someone nominated to do this.

sure.  we know our current system isn't working -- it involves someone 
scanning the web archives (or their local mailboxes) and updating a page in 
the wiki.  both grueling work.

> That said, the whole point of patchwork is to reduce the maintainers'
> workload, so it should be fairly straightforward to do so. There are a
> number of methods of automating the state updates (eg, by scanning  your
> SCM tree), so it shouldn't be an onerous task at all.

being able to integrate with git hooks would be interesting

> > subscribing to those lists can be done here:
> >
> If you're able to manually subscribe an address to those lists (i.e.,
> bypassing the confirmation step through the list admin interface), then
> that makes things a little easier for me. If not, then it's not a huge
> problem.

i don't know the answer to that.  lemme get back to you :).
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