adding glibc to the tracked list ?

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Sat Jun 1 16:31:27 EST 2013

Hi Mike,

> would it be possible to have track glibc ?

Yep, no problem at all. I can merge the two lists into the one project,
but I figure you'd need to distinguish the patches somehow, right?

>  we'd like to try things out and see how well it works.

I've found that the main contributor to whether or not it works for your
project is having the patch states kept up to date. It's fairly
important to have someone "look after" the patchwork list -- whether
that's your maintainer(s), or someone nominated to do this.

That said, the whole point of patchwork is to reduce the maintainers'
workload, so it should be fairly straightforward to do so. There are a
number of methods of automating the state updates (eg, by scanning  your
SCM tree), so it shouldn't be an onerous task at all.

> subscribing to those lists can be done here:

If you're able to manually subscribe an address to those lists (i.e.,
bypassing the confirmation step through the list admin interface), then
that makes things a little easier for me. If not, then it's not a huge



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