pwclient comments

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Fri Sep 18 12:25:31 EST 2009

Hi Randy,

> - print a script version number

Should be easy, but what are you looking at doing with the version number? 
Would a simple git revision be best, or something that we update when there 
are "user-visible" changes to the pwclient interface?

> - filter by -s (state) accepts upper/lower case; change the other
>   filters not to be case-sensitive (by who-name & by project name)

OK, added to TODO.

> Maybe I'm just overlooking a command-line option, but the
> biggest usage change that I see as needed (for now) is a way to
> specify/change the pwclientrc file, so that multiple "pw servers"
> can be used easily.

Makes sense, something like this in .pwclientrc

default-project = cell

url =
project = cbe-oss-dev

url =
project =lkml


pwclient --project cell list

How's that sound?



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