pwclient comments

Randy Dunlap rdunlap at
Fri Sep 18 12:31:55 EST 2009

Jeremy Kerr wrote:
> Hi Randy,
>> - print a script version number
> Should be easy, but what are you looking at doing with the version number? 
> Would a simple git revision be best, or something that we update when there 
> are "user-visible" changes to the pwclient interface?

How the version number is presented isn't terribly important, whether it's
1.99 or 123 or <hash>.  Someone just saying that their script is dated
2009.May.01 doesn't tell you anything about what the code is, but an
understood version number can (unless someone touches the code without
modifying the version, of course).
Anyway, it's (the version number) just a communication tool.

>> - filter by -s (state) accepts upper/lower case; change the other
>>   filters not to be case-sensitive (by who-name & by project name)
> OK, added to TODO.
>> Maybe I'm just overlooking a command-line option, but the
>> biggest usage change that I see as needed (for now) is a way to
>> specify/change the pwclientrc file, so that multiple "pw servers"
>> can be used easily.
> Makes sense, something like this in .pwclientrc
> [base]
> default-project = cell
> [cell]
> url =
> project = cbe-oss-dev
> [lkml]
> url =
> project =lkml
> Then:
> pwclient --project cell list
> How's that sound?

That's fine.  or even using multiple config files and saying

$ pwclient --config xyz

is satisfactory unless I am overlooking something.


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