pwclient comments

Randy Dunlap rdunlap at
Thu Sep 17 09:15:43 EST 2009


I just found out about pwclient, was very interested in trying
it, and now I have some comments on it.
I would send patches, but I know quite a bit more perl than I do

- print a script version number

- filter by -s (state) accepts upper/lower case; change the other
  filters not to be case-sensitive (by who-name & by project name)

Maybe I'm just overlooking a command-line option, but the
biggest usage change that I see as needed (for now) is a way to
specify/change the pwclientrc file, so that multiple "pw servers"
can be used easily.  E.g., some of us want to use both and  It would be
helpful if pwclient facilitated this.  (and putting 2 url:
lines in the pwclientrc file didn't help -- it only used the
latter one.)

Please cc: me on replies.


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