My role as Community Manager

krtaylor kurt.r.taylor at
Wed Jul 21 02:13:55 AEST 2021

FYI, I'm not sure who knows, but I have been on a part-time leave of 
absence working half days while I went back to college and completed my 
second degree. I am reaching the end of my time with IBM and therefore, 
with the duties as Community Manager for OpenBMC. I wouldn't mind 
continuing this role, but don't currently have plans to do so with 
another company.

I believe that I have all the responsibilities somewhat backfilled so 
there shouldn't be any impact to the project. Brad will of course still 
be able to handle CLA process and requests for legal/copyright/license 
assistance. The monthly metrics gatering will be done by Reed Frandsen, 
and the metric tools are available in my github repo. I have talked with 
him about my plans to enhance these metrics to present a more complete 
view of project contributions.

I also acted as an interface into the Linux Foundation, but Brad and the 
TSC have also been copied on those activities, including the discussions 
on using LF services for hosting gerrit, jenkins, email, better website, 
etc. I will also hand off the access to our simple wordpress account on to Brad.

I did not get to finish the CLA/Developer acl automation that I had 
planned, but the beginnings are in place. The idea was to get CLA 
Schedule A's in txt form so that they could be managed by the companies 
themselves via a simple gerrit push. Developers could then be 
programmatically added and removed from other testing/company 
lists/groups as needed for simplified project processes.

So, July 30th will "officially" be my last day with IBM and OpenBMC. You 
all know my email address, and of course I will continue to answer any 
requests for help as best as I can. Please contact me privately for any 
questions/comments on this transition.

If I don't get to chat with you individually, please know that I have 
enjoyed working with all of you. I wish you all continued success with 

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

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