xyz.openbmc_project.BeepCode and PSUSensors

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Tue Jul 20 18:57:36 AEST 2021


Commit 3046a0242cfde0cbf871f632c2c143b48ac30c71 introduced support for
doing RPC to xyz.openbmc_project.BeepCode , but I do not see any
daemon claiming that bus mentioned anywhere.

As the result, the log gets these ugly messages:

beep error (ec = generic:113)

What am I missing? Is there a dependency someone has forgotten to add
for dbus-sensors? Or is this support runtime-optional and the error
should be handled appropriately to not spam the logs?

Where's the daemon handling xyz.openbmc_project.BeepCode anyway? Quick
search didn't let me find any sources for that.

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