AST2600: Linux driver support for SPI controller

VINOTHKUMAR RK vkrk.user at
Mon Jul 19 23:02:34 AEST 2021

Hello all,

This is regarding SPI controller driver support in OpenBMC.
Here is the scenario: Three devices connected *over same SPI controller* as
mentioned below:

Firmware SPI Memory Controller (BSPI): (0x1E620000):
    - Flash 0 (CS0)
    - Flash 1 (CS1)
    - MCU/CPLD (CS2)

When I look at the OpenBMC Linux repository, I could find 'aspeed-smc.c'
driver under the MTD subsystem, so this seems to work only for flash

Do we've any other driver support or a solution to handle all the three
devices? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Vinoth Kumar RK
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