Request to create repository google-ipmi-bmc-health

Sui Chen suichen at
Thu Oct 1 01:27:58 AEST 2020

Hello OpenBMC community,

We are working on an IPMI blob-based implementation of BMC health
monitoring. We currently have an internal working prototype version
and would like to upload it to this newly proposed repository,
openbmc/google-ipmi-bmc-health .

We are aware of existing BMC health monitoring designs such as:
1. and its

Main differences between this implementation and existing ones are:
- google-ipmi-bmc-health is implemented with the IPMI blob handler
framework and exists as an IPMI blob handler, while
phosphor-health-monitor runs as a daemon and exposes BMC health
metrics on DBus in the same manner sensors are exposed.
- This implementation does not check health metric values against
thresholds or perform actions when thresholds are crossed.
- This implementation currently reports uptime, memory usage, free
disk space, CPU time consumed by processes, and file descriptor stats.
- This implementation does not read a configuration file yet. It
always reads the hard-coded set of health metrics listed above.
- This implementation does not post-process sensor readings such as
compute the average CPU usage over a certain time window.

As such, this implementation differs enough from existing ones such
that we believe we have enough reasons to have a separate repository
for it.


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