OpenBMC 2.8.0 Released!

Kurt Taylor kurt.r.taylor at
Tue Jul 7 08:44:10 AEST 2020

We're pleased to announce the release of version 2.8 of OpenBMC!  Feel
free to share the press release below.

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

***** PRESS RELEASE *****

OpenBMC, the open source BMC firmware project, is announcing the
general availability of release 2.8.0.

Developed by a global community, the OpenBMC 2.8 release includes
hundreds of new contributions.

Enhancements include:
 - Yocto refresh to "Dunfell" version 3.1
 - Additional Redfish support
 - Move to Redfish Specification 1.9.0
 - Redfish support for 2020.1 Schemas
 - GUI enhancements
 - mTLS HTTPS authentication
 - Partial PLDM Support
 - Partial MCTP Support

A complete list of OpenBMC 2.8 features is available in the OpenBMC
community release notes:

Read more about OpenBMC and how to get involved with the project:

About OpenBMC:
The OpenBMC project is a Linux distribution for embedded Baseboard
Management Controllers; for devices like servers, top of rack switches
or RAID appliances. The OpenBMC stack uses technologies such as Yocto,
OpenEmbedded, systemd, and D-Bus to allow easy customization for your
server platform.

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