BIOS, Hypervisor, and OS detailed boot progress in Redfish

Andrew Geissler geissonator at
Wed Jan 29 07:53:11 AEDT 2020


I recently opened a Redfish forum post[1] asking about tracking BIOS,
and OS boot status.

With IPMI we had the "System Firmware Progress" and
"Base OS Boot / Installation Status" sensors which we then mapped to some
D-Bus sensors[2][3]. My goal is that we have similar level of detail in a
Redfish interface.

Gunnar discussed this with the DMTF and it seems they are open to a enum that
would describe the boot status.

Any thoughts from the community on how we'd like this to look? Should it just
be a combination of our BootProgress and OperatingSystemStatus D-Bus properties?

Some fields in those seem pretty IPMI/legacy specific (CDROMBoot, ROMBoot, ...)

I think our goal should be to provide a high level summary of the boot from
the BIOS, to the Hypervisor, to the OS.

Something like this?
Unknown -> MotherboardInit -> MemoryInit -> SecondaryProcInit ->
        -> HypervisorStart -> HypervisorStandby -> OSStart -> OSRunning

These would need PLDM commands for the host to send these down so maybe the
PLDM specifications provides a hint on what these should be? I see this doc[4]
has a "Boot Progress" State Set but a lot of these just don't make much sense
to me.

Thoughts/Ideas appreciated.



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