BIOS, Hypervisor, and OS detailed boot progress in Redfish

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As you mentioned, as per PLDM specification, Boot progress codes are State Sensors. Boot progress codes IDs are 195, 196 and 198.

If you would additional state sensors for detailed progress, why not ask PMCI WG to additional state sensors.

As per the specification ,PLDM commands to be used for State sensors are




Also, I agree we need a corresponding mapping of this in Redfish.



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I recently opened a Redfish forum post[1] asking about tracking BIOS, Hypervisor, and OS boot status.

With IPMI we had the "System Firmware Progress" and "Base OS Boot / Installation Status" sensors which we then mapped to some D-Bus sensors[2][3]. My goal is that we have similar level of detail in a Redfish interface.

Gunnar discussed this with the DMTF and it seems they are open to a enum that would describe the boot status.

Any thoughts from the community on how we'd like this to look? Should it just be a combination of our BootProgress and OperatingSystemStatus D-Bus properties?

Some fields in those seem pretty IPMI/legacy specific (CDROMBoot, ROMBoot, ...)

I think our goal should be to provide a high level summary of the boot from the BIOS, to the Hypervisor, to the OS.

Something like this?

Unknown -> MotherboardInit -> MemoryInit -> SecondaryProcInit ->

        -> HypervisorStart -> HypervisorStandby -> OSStart -> OSRunning

These would need PLDM commands for the host to send these down so maybe the PLDM specifications provides a hint on what these should be? I see this doc[4] has a "Boot Progress" State Set but a lot of these just don't make much sense to me.

Thoughts/Ideas appreciated.







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