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Mon Jan 20 17:57:04 AEDT 2020

Samuel Herts <sdherts at> wrote:
    > I am currently working on getting a working OpenBMC test environment
    > up and running. I am using VirtualBox and the github Development
    > Environment tutorial. I had a couple questions regarding how to make
    > our own modules. Would it be possible to upload files to the bmc on
    > the virtual server?

You can do that.
The disk is rather small by default.
If you are using VirtualBox, you may be able to use the vboxfs file system to
mount the host. That might require adding modules to the kernel.

    > And would I be able to make a script which can read text off of that
    > file inside the bmc chip?

    > I have a physical server which I am not using yet, would I be able to
    > install openbmc and the scripts and insert the file onto the actual
    > bmc chip, and eventually read from that file?

Maybe. What server do you have?

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