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Thank you!
I have a supermicro X9 with ast2400 BMC chip. How would we go about
installing it? openBMC onto it? We currently have a fresh install of Ubuntu
LTS on it, and nothing else.

In terms of the development virtual machine. I keep running into an issue
when trying to wget the sdk.
Specifically, this line: wget,target=romulus/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/deploy/sdk/
 After running that inside the romulus emulator, it runs out of space and
won't complete the download. Does this mean I need to either increase the
storage for the romulus, or am I simply installing it in the wrong place,
and instead need to wget that into the regular VM?
Apologies for all the questions, I am doing as much research as I can, and
this mailing list seems to be the largest wealth of knowledge I have


On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 1:57 AM Michael Richardson <mcr at> wrote:

> Samuel Herts <sdherts at> wrote:
>     > I am currently working on getting a working OpenBMC test environment
>     > up and running. I am using VirtualBox and the github Development
>     > Environment tutorial. I had a couple questions regarding how to make
>     > our own modules. Would it be possible to upload files to the bmc on
>     > the virtual server?
> You can do that.
> The disk is rather small by default.
> If you are using VirtualBox, you may be able to use the vboxfs file system
> to
> mount the host. That might require adding modules to the kernel.
>     > And would I be able to make a script which can read text off of that
>     > file inside the bmc chip?
>     > I have a physical server which I am not using yet, would I be able to
>     > install openbmc and the scripts and insert the file onto the actual
>     > bmc chip, and eventually read from that file?
> Maybe. What server do you have?
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