Redfish message registries, plus translation

Andrew Jeffery andrew at
Mon Feb 17 10:37:13 AEDT 2020

On Sat, 15 Feb 2020, at 06:27, Matt Spinler wrote:
> Hi James,
> It's looking like in our future we will have to provide:
> 1) Redfish logs using multiple message registries that probably can't be
>     hardcoded into hpp files and checked in.
>     - For example, a registry for our host firmware and hypervisor errors,
>       as our BMC handles displaying logs for them, that we would pick up
>       during our build process.
> and
> 2) Message registry text in multiple languages
> Those being my goals, I have a few questions:
> In general, is the multi-language strategy to just provide a standalone
> registry array for each language which the code then selects based on the
> Language property?
> To support both of the above, would you be open to having functionality 
> added
> to read in registries from data files, including based on language? Or, 
> would you
> have any other ideas for how to support these items?

Bit of a drive-by question, but shouldn't we be using GNU gettext[1] to
handle translation?



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