Redfish message registries, plus translation

Matt Spinler mspinler at
Sat Feb 15 06:57:38 AEDT 2020

Hi James,

It's looking like in our future we will have to provide:

1) Redfish logs using multiple message registries that probably can't be
    hardcoded into hpp files and checked in.
    - For example, a registry for our host firmware and hypervisor errors,
      as our BMC handles displaying logs for them, that we would pick up
      during our build process.

2) Message registry text in multiple languages

Those being my goals, I have a few questions:

In general, is the multi-language strategy to just provide a standalone
registry array for each language which the code then selects based on the
Language property?

To support both of the above, would you be open to having functionality 
to read in registries from data files, including based on language? Or, 
would you
have any other ideas for how to support these items?


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