[External] Re: Questions regarding of phosphor-pid-control

Derek Lin23 dlin23 at lenovo.com
Fri Jul 26 19:18:43 AEST 2019

Hi Patrick & James:

	Would you please identify when'll this feature being completed?
	Or do you have a plan for this feature?




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On 7/17/19 7:40 PM, Derek Lin23 wrote:
> Hi Patrick:
>            The open-loop in this context is more likely to set duty of 
> PWM manually.
>            For example, when reading a sensor above or below a certain 
> pre-defined temperature, then the duty of a PWM is revved up or lower 
> to the desired fan-speed.

You could use stepwise configurations to get this response. Here's an example of a lower clipping curve that when the reading of the sensor is 20, outputs 50%, and when it reads 30 outputs 60%.


This is also configurable from the json I believe.

>            More likely, PWM is set simply by the reading of a 
> temperature sensor. A map of temperature readings and PWM values can 
> be represented as an example.
> Thank you,
> Derek
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>     Hi Patrick:
> Adding the openbmc mailing list.  Please always include this mailing 
> list in your emails for archiving and later reference as well as 
> opening up the question to others.
> Also adding James Feist as he co-maintains this codebase.
>                This is Derek from Lenovo BMC team.
>                We have some questions regarding ofphosphos-pid-control
>     <https://github.com/openbmc/phosphor-pid-control>, and we hope you
>     can provide some advice of the component.
>                Currently, we would like to import phosphor-pid-control
>     as our thermal fan control module. After a brief study, we would
>     like to know if phosphor-pid-control can support open-loop and
>     event-triggered events?
> I don't really know what open-loop means in this context.  Registering 
> for events, like?
>     Thank you for your feedbacks,
>     Derek
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