Proprietary task references in commit logs

Alexander Amelkin a.amelkin at
Wed Feb 14 19:07:45 AEDT 2018

14.02.2018 06:30, Stewart Smith wrote:
> I've been poked at this for other firmware too, and I tend to dislike
> non-public bug tracker IDs in public repositories.
> I have an idea of using git-notes to have a local tree of `fixes` (even
> added retroactively) that could then be queried/modified that would suit
> this kind of use case.
> Of course, finding enough time to write the couple of hundred lines of
> python to do that has been elusive :)
Exactly! This is all about extra work to do, no time to do it, and 
elusive profit of that effort.
Adding a non-public ID takes almost no effort, as well as ignoring it in 
the logs just like most people ignore those strange lawyer-induced 
"Signed-off-by" lines or purely technical "Change-Id" lines.

Creating a separate 'bug' in OpenBMC bugtracker (unless we start to 
require a formal 'bug' for each commit) and adding its ID to the local 
bug-tracker is a useless waste of time, IMO.

Each commit would at max have just one extra company tracker reference 
line. Is that really a problem?


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