Initial MCTP design proposal

Naidoo, Nilan nilan.naidoo at
Fri Dec 7 16:40:40 AEDT 2018

Hi Jeremy,

The ASPEED does have  hardware support for PCIe VDM via the MCTP Controller block. 


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Subject: Re: Initial MCTP design proposal

Hi Nilan,

Thanks for taking a look.

> As far as the features that need to be supported, we are initially 
> interested in PCIe VDM and SMBus/I2C hardware bindings.

OK, sure thing. Is this on ASPEED hardware?

>   The BMC will also need to be the Bus owner for the interfaces.
>  It is not clear to be yet if we would also need bridging for our 
> initial use cases.

Yes, I think this matches our designs too; I don't see us needing bridging at present.

>   The message types that we need to support are NVMe-SI, PLDM and 
> Vendor Defined - PCI (0x7E). We currently don't have a strong need for 
> supporting the host interface.

Oh, interesting, I didn't expect folks to be using MCTP but not including the host channel. There's no issue with that, so I'll update the wording so it's clear that this can be accommodated.



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