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Whoops, looks like you already hopped on the IRC. Anyways, welcome!

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> > Hello,
> > we would like to help with phosphor-net-ipmid and have volunteer. For us
> main
> > priorities are sensors and sel. Obviously work is in progress there and
> we don't
> > want to duplicate it, so please share tasks with us and tell how we can
> > contribute?
> > Thanks!
> Awesome! Always great to see more people getting involved!
> The first thing to do would be to hop on the IRC channel: #openbmc on
> and say hi to everyone.
> Next, in order to see what tasks we have going on, install Zenhub:
> Then look at
> Probably also a good idea to talk to Patrick and Tom (I CC'ed them). I am
> pretty
> sure they are more familiar with that codebase than anyone else.
> Once you know what you want to work on, or even if you just need some help,
> either start a conversation on the IRC channel or send an email to the
> list.
> phosphor-net-ipmid is not something I work on or am likely to work on in
> the
> near future, but I think I know most of the people on the list, so feel
> free to
> CC me on future emails and I will try to make sure the right people are
> involved
> in the conversation.
> Cheers!
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