brendanhiggins at brendanhiggins at
Fri Jun 23 17:20:07 AEST 2017

> Hello,
> we would like to help with phosphor-net-ipmid and have volunteer. For us main
> priorities are sensors and sel. Obviously work is in progress there and we don't
> want to duplicate it, so please share tasks with us and tell how we can
> contribute?
> Thanks!

Awesome! Always great to see more people getting involved!

The first thing to do would be to hop on the IRC channel: #openbmc on and say hi to everyone.

Next, in order to see what tasks we have going on, install Zenhub: Then look at

Probably also a good idea to talk to Patrick and Tom (I CC'ed them). I am pretty
sure they are more familiar with that codebase than anyone else.

Once you know what you want to work on, or even if you just need some help,
either start a conversation on the IRC channel or send an email to the list.

phosphor-net-ipmid is not something I work on or am likely to work on in the
near future, but I think I know most of the people on the list, so feel free to
CC me on future emails and I will try to make sure the right people are involved
in the conversation.


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