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On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 05:44:45PM +0300, Ilya Kuznetsov wrote:
> Hello,
> we would like to help with phosphor-net-ipmid and have volunteer. For us main 
> priorities are sensors and sel. Obviously work is in progress there and we don't 
> want to duplicate it, so please share tasks with us and tell how we can 
> contribute?
> Thanks!


Tom and I did some discussion last week while I was in India on the
remaining work items for IPMI overall.  The biggest outstanding item is
DCMI 1.5 support and he has started creating stories for that.

With respect to Sensors and SELs, someone at Google already has some
commits up that take care of most of the sensor commands and we have
someone assigned to enhance that.  Before we can fully start on SELs
there are some backend work items that need to be done, because we do
not currently keep track of state-items like "when did the machine last
boot" which are typically placed into the SEL.

We think the best bet would be to have your team work on a small DCMI
story to get into development.  From there, we can arrange some more
detailed discussions on some of the breakdown of the bigger items,
perhaps becoming involved in the SEL development.  Would this be

A smaller DCMI task that Tom already created is #1855: .  This would be an IPMI
provider that maps the "get/set management controller ID" function into
the xyz.openbmc_project.Network hostname property:

Feel free to discuss over IRC if you want some real-time discussion on

Patrick Williams
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