naming conventions

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Sat Aug 27 04:53:48 AEST 2016

I wanted to take a stab at standardizing our naming conventions a little better.

In general, applications would be (loosely) named after the layer they are associated with.  For example:

phosphor-foo: application that can run on any card running OpenBMC
op-foo: application that can only run on OpenPOWER systems
ibm-foo: application that can only run on IBM systems
palmetto-foo: application specific to the Palmetto system

I chose phosphor-foo rather than obmc-foo to draw attention to the fact that ‘Phosphor’ refers to a reference implementation/distribution (ideally) of OpenBMC (similar to Poky/OpenEmbedded).

When naming things or filling out description fields in recipes, etc, please avoid the overly redundant name or description: obmc-phosphor or “Phosphor OpenBMC”.  Given that Phosphor is the reference for OpenBMC you can just say “Phosphor."



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