Charts from OpenBMC MRW Talk

Joel Stanley joel at
Mon Aug 29 14:44:32 AEST 2016

Hello Matt,

On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 1:21 AM, Matt Spinler
<mspinler at> wrote:
> Here are the charts from the Machine Readable Workbook talk I gave on 8/25.

Thanks for sending these along. I was unable to attend you call as it
was at 1:00am, and I was skiing in the Australian alps. Are there any
notes from the presentation that you have to share?

I gave the slides a read. Some questions I had:

Serverwiz. I cloned the repository and tried to build with ant. It
failed due to some hardcoded Windows paths. I opened a ticket here:

XML Patching. Under what circumstances would you patch the XML when
you have the entire thing available to edit?

Current status. You have some upcoming goals there. I would be
interested in seeing "generation of device tree" pushed much higher up
the list. I think device tree is an alternative representation of the
MRW. Because of that it would be an easy target for your prototyping,
and would allow us to see how it works in practice for a well
understood use case.

Another use case is generating the Python that describes the
platform's GPIOs (skeleton/configs/*.py). This has been a source of
recent bugs, so making sure the MRW matches the Python would help
shake out some more issues.



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