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>> Hi,
>> This is a question about the different of memory size between lpar and

>> 2. In lpar didolp2: We get the size of memory is 2174672KB.
>> [root at didolp2 ~]# cat /proc/meminfo
>> MemTotal: 2174672 kB
>> The question is: 2174672/(32*1024) = 66.36572265625

>MemTotal is the amount of free memory in the partition, which does not
>include the memory that holds the kernel code, (bss, data, init).

>There should be a few other pieces of data that will add up to the numbers
>you are looking for.

>in early boot messages, there is a line "SystemCfg->physicalMemorySize =
>0x.......".   This value should be precisely what you are trying to

>A bit later in the logs, you can also see a line
>"Memory: XXXXk/YYYYk available (###k kernel code, ###k reserved, ###k
>###k bss, ###k init).
>the YYYYk should also match what you are looking for.

If the system boot up several days before, the boot log is not available at
this time.  Whether there has any other method to get the physical memory
from lpar.

Could the OS provide a method to obtain the real memory. It will help to
dynamic reassign resource according by the load between several partition.

Thanks & Best regards,

Wang Zhaoyu

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