ppc64 xics.c: what is smp_threads_ready exactly used for?

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Sun Jan 16 16:19:04 EST 2005


> during a cleanup, I stumbled upon the following:
> arch/ppc64/kernel/smp.c (in 2.6.11-rc1-mm1) says:
>         /* XXX fix this, xics currently relies on it - Anton */
>         smp_threads_ready = 1;
> arch/ppc64/kernel/xics.c is the _only_ place in the whole kernel where 
> smp_threads_ready is actually used, and this is the _only_ place where 
> smp_threads_ready ever changes it's value on ppc64.

It turns out I was about to submit a patch to remove the ppc64 use of
smp_threads_ready. With that patch it makes sense to kill
smp_threads_ready completely.


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